We build our idea from our experience from the last Hajj we attend. The idea came from the difficulties which the stand staff in the street with people. Also the old people faced struggles to express they need to the helper staff.

What it does

Smart screens connect to the main control center to be able to receive distributed alerts from main control center. Also, people can choose any langue so they can understand all of the alerts.

How we built it

We built our back-end using typescript and nodejs and using Cloud Functions in google firebase to make the data process faster. Also, we are using JWT token to secure the conversion between the client and the server. Moreover, we have dashboard to see all the features that we will use it from all the data that we are collecting them using our backend service. For the front end, we develop a Nice, Simple and Interactive Platform Frontend part using React, typescript and Flux, (Thirdparty libs for CSS Styles and Components) connected to the Backend Server throughout Secure, private connection we also include Chatbot and AI for helping hajj completing his manicures in the best way possible.

Challenges we ran into

Find the best programmer, deal with the left members, agreed on the idea and make the final version

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Help Saudi Arabia in service which can reduce a lot of efforts during busy days in Makkah

What we learned

How we find the best candidate in a short time, priorities the tasks, deal with challenges, react with different mentalities.

Wanna try it out?

Try it out in Github Backend/Bot Try it out in Github FrontEnd

What's next for c-102-Nateq

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