In collage we use public transportation almost every day, even that the collage buses doesn't have the technology in, but we use it because it have the discipline and a known result, e.g. when you finish your Java class and want to go to attend culture class in other building, we are certain that there is a bus will take the students to that building, so why this feature is applied to the pubic buses so the commons can use it and benefit from it.

What it does

It helps the user of the app to know the nearest bus station to his current location, the available capacity of the bus, the paths from the current location to bus stations to the desired location and online payment for the rides.

How we built it

There is three parts of the project (Hardware, software and programming languages):

  • Hardware ( raspberry-pi 3, Doors sensors)
  • Software (Android Things, Android Studio, Xcode)
  • Programming languages (Swift, Java (markup: XML))

Challenges we ran into

  • No available for the idle hardware that we wanted, so we used the available hardware that existed.
  • Connecting the raspberry-pi 3 with the internet.
  • Connecting the android studio to the raspberry-pi 3.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Full featured prototype.
  • Fully understandable presentation.
  • Configure and setup for the raspberry-pi 3.
  • Fully designed Data Base (Firebase).
  • Read data from Data Base by the raspberry-pi3.
  • Complete 60% of the IOS app.

What we learned

With the development of transportation and technology in Saudi Arabia and the vision of 2030 that supports economic and technical projects, We will develop an application that makes it easier for people to use public transport as quickly and smoothly as possible to save money, Stimulates the use of public transport more than private transport and thus will reduce traffic congestion by an application the user can find out the nearest station to his location.

What's next for Bus Finder

The goal of the app to become the lead for the bus services ( finding the best routes, reserve, monitor, live location, online payment ...)

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