The Kiosk

What it does

First of all one needs to download the zappar app on their mobile device once they have that you scan our barcode and then our program will allow you to view images on your phone, simulating augmented reality by using orientation tracking. This can be used as a map (future hope- type in your destination and a streetview map will be created) and can be reviewed in recent "Zaps"

How we built it

We used ZapWorks Studio as an "editor" and added google street views to create a panoramic view of the streets of New Brunswick on your phone and added function that when pressed, it goes through the materials of the views (AKA the different states, AKA the other views).

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to switch pictures specifically and learn a new language

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we finished it (this was our first Hackathon)

What we learned

How to use a new program (ZapWorks) and javascript, AND TEAMWORK!!

What's next for Brunswick view

Well, we tried to put in arrows, but didn't have enough time to implement this with a panoramic view so we would like to do this in the future. We also want to have either in the Kiosk the ability to type in where you want to go, or have this ability on our application. We would also like to have a more interactive map, so for example, information for important landmarks (Barnes and Noble, the hospital) which can be a link to a website, a view inside, or so on.

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