In this vast world of increasing financial and transaction technology, brought on by companies such as NCR and Square, where's the app for the little guy? How do small retailers like farmers innovate how they can get fresh produce to market, especially when they cant lug around bulky POS systems? Well, with Bronze, all they need is a smartphone to energize their sales, bringing a new sector of both producers and consumers into the 21st century.

Despite years of growth within the tech industry, the POS system itself hasn't. It does the exact same thing, the exact same way. What we on the Bronze team hope to achieve by mobilizing such a system is to democratize and popularize tech within the retail sector, with substantially lower buy-in costs.

What it does

An AR Point-of-Sale System, with applications for both consumers and producers.

Two apps: "Bronze Back Office" - Allows vendors to train models directly from their phones and either reinforce current models or create entirely new ones, as well as receiving payment from a customer's mobile device. "Bronze" - The client application. Lets users scan a store QR code to "enter a store" and show AR prices and names above items, and even get the story behind the faces of the people selling them fresh produce or hand-made trinkets, and also containing checkout integration so users can add items to a cart and check out.

How I built it

Android apps written in Kotlin communicating with a Python (flask) back-end and making API calls to Azure custom vision with a 95-99% accuracy of recognition.

Challenges I ran into

Azure documentation. We had tried to implement the API, but we weren't getting our expected data. So, we hacked away and managed to make our own fix!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating an API with no prior knowledge, and learning how to innovate with computer vision. Using Azure despite the documentation telling us it'll provide a bounding box and not providing a bounding box.

What I learned

How to work around factors (such as an API promising to return a value... yet not returning it...) that are out of our control, and how to really hack away at a problem; breaking down a system or idea into its base form and rebuilding it in a new, inspired light.

What's next for Bronze

More POS features (returns, tip adjustment, recall, etc.), inventory management

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