Some of our team members expressed enjoying products and services from smaller businesses that can offer a more custom or traditional experience. During the current quarantine, many business owners find themselves struggling to strive and maintain the clientele they once used to enjoy. In the digital market dominated by behemoths like Amazon and eBay, how can these businesses reach their audiences and deliver a similar fashion of care? Our team seeks to solve this gap with BroadCraft.

BroadCraft is a play of words between "broadcast" and "craft" hinting at its purpose. Businesses that appeal to a similar type of audience popularly use storefronts like Etsy. In the midst of the isolation generated by the quarantine, we could use technology to enhance this sector and bring pleasant experiences to both, consumers and business owners.

What it does

Connects businesses with clients by allowing immediate updates about the production of a product through every step of its pipeline. This allows business owners to develop a more distinguishable brand as they can include as much detail to the process as desired, from elaborated walkthroughs to photographic recording. The progress of the order is shared with clients via a unique public URL (similar to tracking pages of delivery services). Furthermore, the web app seeks to optimize a business's performance through the use of series of QR codes that can be attributed to the different steps of the pipelines as well as a merchant dashboard, that lists information on orders and offers important insights about the logistics currently in place.

How we built it

We have a Node.js + Koa api as our backend, utilizing Firebase for our storage and identity management. Our front-end is a web app built using React with bootstrap and Material-UI components. We are using NCR's Banking API to provide mock-up transactional data.

Challenges we ran into

About half of our team was new to React which resulted in a decently steep learning curve. Additionally, we ran into issues trying to get a response from the Banking API we were using.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Achieving a functional MVP despite all the great events and fun distractions that HackGT made available to us.

What's next for BroadCraft

We want to put some more work into the dashboard, including an actual onboarding for new users (business owners). This would include a detailed guide on the best logistical practices we've determined (where to place QR codes, when to record updates, etc). We also want to add functionality using geolocation, so we can also help service-providers (such as maintenance, construction, cleaning, babysitting, etc. ) connect with their customers in a similar way.

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