What it does

It dances

How I built it

mocap data -> blender -> alot of frustration -> retargeting -> meshing -> unity ->...

Challenges I ran into

The biggest difficulty so far is retargeting mocap data to specific 3D characters

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All the games that I've created

What I learned

Games is a lot of work. It would be nice to have more help

What's next for Break Dance

More gamelike behavior. Sync it up.

Built With

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Alz Heimer posted an update

Still trying to add breakdance mocap to this character's basic moves...

  • Created new mesh and added mocap to it but...mesh was not entirely correct. Looked interesting but was more like an exotic fan dancer than breakdancer.
  • Discovered numerous 'retargeting' software platforms...trying various ones to speed things up but...takes a lot of time to learn each system.

3D, 2D character animations is where I stalled out when first developing games and bailed on it to just develop simpler board game animations.

I'm going to beat this level...

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