I moved into a new house about a year or two ago. However, to this day, I still was not able to find where my stuff is because they are all stuffed inside many boxes. I wanted to find a way to be able to see what is inside a container (closet, box, etc) without having to actually open it and throw everything out of it. I created BoxScan to do exactly this.

What it does

With BoxScan, all you have to do is go in front of a closet or a drawer and take a picture of what's inside. I can then organize where my stuff is by location (like for example my fancy kitchenware would be in my dormitory's kitchen, etc). BoxScan then generates a unique label that you can AirPrint and then just tape onto the container. Now if I ever need to look for a lost item, I just need to hold my phone's camera in front of the label and BoxScan will show me what's inside the container.

How I built it

I ran into some heavy backend problems with FIrebase but I managed to effectively store my data inside Firebase. I also used AVFoundation to build my QRCode reader and used Apple's AirPrint SDK to configure printing services. Finally, I used an open source library called QRCode to generate my QRCode.

Challenges I ran into

Pretty much the Database and UX.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Shipped to the appstore and I got some nice experience in backend programming.

What I learned

Firebase Uploading and displaying images Making QR Codes and Scanning QR Codes

What's next for BoxScan

Adding some suggested features from demoday

Notes on the submission video

This was made on the xcode simulator so the some of the images uploaded aren't accurate. For example, the silverware image is a waterfall, etc.

The QRCode Scanner is also supposed to be a live feed that automatically scans QRCodes. Unfortunately, since it is the simulator, the feed couldn't be seen.

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