After identifying the needs and common problems college students had, we realized that we all loved boba and that this traditional Taiwanese drink was the source of happiness and destressing after long nights. To speed up the process of ordering your drink, we decided to create a subscription service that would deliver boba straight to your door. We kept in mind 2 things that were extremely important to us, sustainability and trying new drinks.

What it does

Users open the app and sign up using basic information and are then instructed to select their boba preferences. Whether that be toppings, sweetness, or flavors, we've allowed the user to fully customize their drinks.

How we built it

To build this product, we used Figma to wireframe and create a working interactive prototype of our idea. Additionally, we put together a website to showcase and display our idea at: using HTML and CSS

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges throughout building this project such as design and layout problems and making sure that our product had a familiar UI to users. User usability was a big thing for us and we wanted to make sure we perfected it. The last thing we wanted, was an app that was impossible to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are EXTREMELY proud of all the progress we made this past 24 hours. We successfully created a fully interactive prototype that has a beautiful user interface and experience. Additionally, we were able to build a website that displays our thoughts and sells the idea of what we were going for.

What we learned

We learned how to collaborate, design, and think like true designers and teammates throughout this project. We also learned new software (figma) and learned how to build a successful working prototype. Most of all, we learned that any idea is possible.

What's next for Boba Drop

What's next for Boba Drop? We hope to post this project on Subtle Asian Traits, a popular Facebook page for the Asian community that would deeply enjoy and find humor in our idea. We would like to talk to Michael Seibel and hope he would invest in our project and hope he would help make this idea become reality. Boba is love. Boba is life.

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