Inspiration and research

When we first met last year, we all found that we loved boba. We often went out and got boba during our few breaks in engineering. Over time, we wanted to find others who loved boba as much as we do, and discover new drinks.

Setting out to do this, we also researched how boba shops market to potential customers. We found that it was difficult for them to sell drinks online since there are many customization features that go into boba.

Thus, we decided to combine these aspects into one all-encompassing mobile application.

What it does

boba buds is a mobile application that connects boba lovers, helps them discover new drinks, and order customized drinks prior to arriving to a boba shop.

How we built it

First, we researched that the problem we identified on our own is a problem shared with others. We send out a survey to understand how others interact with boba, which we found validated our problem statement. Afterwards, we ideated on the blackboard and eventually created low-fidelity wireframes. We utilized Figma and Adobe Illustrator to create the high-fidelity wireframes for the final application.

What we learned

We learned how to properly utilize Figma to create high-fidelity prototypes.

What's next for boba buds

Next, we will be looking to develop a coded prototype, generate a sizeable user base, and monetize the application by partnering with businesses to grow the application.

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