Mass transportation operators have been struggling immensely due to necessary social distancing measures. Many airlines have been struggling to steer away from bankruptcy. In order to cope, some companies have chosen to increase their fares. This could be minimized by optimizing social distancing in order to safely increase occupancy.

What it does

  • Uses a modified version of Steffen’s method for boarding airplanes
  • Takes into consideration keeping families together, boarding groups/priority and disabled passengers
  • Maintains physical distancing between passengers algorithmically
  • Staggered boarding/deplaning process for optimal efficiency as well as physical distancing

How we built it

  • Experimenting with different libraries
  • Choosing React.js and regretting it
  • Hard work
  • Coffee
  • No sleep

Challenges we ran into

  • Animating the boarding status.
  • Assigning coordinates to each seat
  • Developing the algorithm was harder than we thought

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The algorithm works

What we learned

  • The current airplane boarding time can be reduced by half!

What's next for BoardSafe

  • Optimize social distancing in other forms of mass transport
  • Add a face mask detector at the door
  • Generate QR codes for passengers to use as boarding pass

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