Inspiration - Splatoon, Massive Multiplayer games, Trivial Pursuit

What it does - Log in, join a team, help take back the museum! Each room of the museum has a unique, location based question. Pick the right answer and gain “pins” for your team! (Red vs Blue) The team with the highest pins claims the room, displaying their team color on the map for that room. Each player also has their own personal score, so they can battle locally with friends and family.

Using the camera, users can see “through” their phone so they are never taken away from the art and the museum. Point this camera at the map to see rotating 3D models of pieces in the museum!

How we built it - Using Unity3D and Vuforia, we created the base engine for the game and augmented reality components. Through Unity we were able to bring in models from Blender and Maya and connect with an online server to allow users to log in, register, post scores, and refresh the map.

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