The obstacles for those who want to work on side projects are to find team members to collaborate with and to get to know more about their team members before committing to collaborate with them. Those obstacles inspire us to create Blossom as we have been through those problems ourselves just to look for someone to work on a side project with us or to find a side project that we can work on.

What it does

Blossom is where you can either create a post about your project to seek for those who find interests in it and want to collaborate with you, or it is where you can look for projects that you find interest in to apply for. On Blossom, you and your potential teammate have a chance to communicate before any project commitment

How we built it

We started off with the design, using Figma to get a strong outline of the end product. The environment was set up with python and all our code snippets were pushed into the GitHub repo. HTML & CSS was used for attributes such as search boxes, navigation bars, and cards.And our logo was made using adobe illustrator.

Challenges we ran into

From afar the project seemed reasonable, but after working on each page we realized time was the biggest challenge. Many pages had to be removed because there wasn't enough time to detail each page as we liked. Some functionalities and layouts were also more difficult than when we first designed it. On the backend, they were several issues dealing with database and how Django takes in and displays data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-- We are all new to the technology that we are using, and that two of our members are participating for the first time. Being able to complete an almost full website we planned to was really a miracle. The website is also functional, considering we only had less than three weeks to learn the language and framework.

What we learned

-- Many new development tools were used, some that team members were not familiar with, such as Django and linking pages, learning HTML/CSS, pushing into a collaborative GitHub repo, and using a server environment.

What's next for Blossom: Find your team

Developing our website we encountered many challenges and one of them was the time constraint. We have designed our Figma prototype, this will be a long term project where the end goal will be to have a complete website that is able to update and look aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully, we also look forward to this project going live in production and that it will be beneficial to other people.

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