Inspiration concern for fellow man especially elders. I live in a neighborhood that is a mix of young families and elders. There are also a large population of people who are foreign language speakers. I hope that my neighbors know to isolate and how to get help. But, I am worried that many people who fall into the at risk demographic are the least able to network with technology.

What it does

I want to create an app. that will create a block by block, or neighborhood by neighborhood in order to network to community organize. Each block can have leaders or captains that can assist with getting help, food and water, report issues that are on the block. The information may also be linked to WHO and CDC type orgs. This may assist in getting counts and needs tracked on a "on the ground" level.

How I built it this is where I am partnering with others because my UX and computer skills are minimal. But I will need a partner who can assist.

Challenges I ran into

Money, access to mail, radio, TV for public service announcements. In order to achieve this I will need government support. A Block captain information will need to be protected. Block captains will need to be contacted in a variety of ways; phone, email, and internet. The app will need to be publisized by a respected authority.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I am an experienced community organizer. I trained with President Obama's Grassroots organizing group from 2009-2012. I have worked with special populations, Alzheimer's and dementia, athletes to people who have medical needs like diabetes, heart disease. I graduate in May with a degree in consumer Science. I am an artist. I am a creative designer.

What I learned

I hope to see this idea make a difference for people.

What's next for Block

Make it happen!

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