Akshwani Haeck

For the Akshwani Haeck, we have worked on several ideas and prototypes to expand the Aeternity ecosystem, it was a lot of fun to work on them, and they will be described in this article.


With the previous AE hackathon we have made Blinkit compatible with Aeternity, Blinkit is a (IoT) notification software that can notify you about a variety of blockchain actions, it does that with sound and light.

For the new Akshwani Hackathon we have made a new version of Blinkit for Aeternity and this time it is for ESP32 / TTGO T-Display it have a colour screen and the screen is much bigger than before.

Besides the before integrated features there are now new features added to wider the usecases and to invite a whole new community to Aeternity.

Miniature mining

The new version of Blinkit includes a miner software, you probably think now that mining is only possible on expansive video cards, and big mining rigs, but this have changed a bit with the POW miner from the Duinocoin blockchain.

(It have lower difficulties for smaller, less powerful device and high difficulties for more powerfull devices)

Project description: It's the only coin that can be mined on Arduino Boards, Smartphones, Computers and Single-Board Computers.

What we want to do is to push the miner data from Duinocoin into a AE Oracle and from there we would want to calculate AE rewards for the users of both chains.

(There can also be looked into integrating something simular directly into AEternity.)

Rewards are payed out from the rewards pool that get filled up the first time with a big percentage from the hackathon reward.

Example of what a monitor website for miniature mining could look like https://techtek.github.io/duco-monitor/#Techtek

This idea invites a new group of users to AE that are IoT enthusiast and are familiare with mining and crypto. With this integration people can mine (maybe even there first) AE coins and with there earned coins they will become more and more familiar with everything AEternity, Superhero.com and what the whole ecosystem around AEternity have to offer.  

It is about getting something in return for being committed to AEternity, and participating everyday / as much as possible with your devices.

The for this hackathon made version of Blinkit comes with the Duino coin miner integrated and it can be started with just the press of a button located on the device.

Blinkit for Aeternity v1.1

Blinkit splash / boot video that is included in the download but not linked / used in the sketch because it would take a bit to much storage on the small device, but it can be played on the device and need to be further optimized in size / length.

The new version of Blinkit for AEternity has the following features.


  • Shows the AE price
  • Shows the current time and date
  • Shows the latest registered AENS name
  • Shows the users AE wallet address
  • Shows the number of AE transactions
  • Shows the latest AE forum post
  • Start mining DUCO coins with a button press
  • Change the brighness with a button press
  • Full colour AE boot screen
  • On start it shows a start up terminal like screen with information related to the connection status.

Download the latest version from the Blinkit Github page.

This new version of Blinkit fits into the idea that we have for Superhero.com


For Superhero.com we have come up with a way to make it have all AE and AE related details in a Superhero styled way.

We want to expand Superhero.com it's features, and make it into a place where users will go to get the latest AE related details, view information from oracles, wallets, miners, and a place where people can participate with all of it, in a creative, exciting and fun way!

Superhero cards!

To make the above possible we would want to put all relevant and related data from AE and AE oracles and related projects there API's into the top layer of a Superhero card.

The other 3 layers (Background, Superhero and the FX layer) that include the design elements, can be created by the users and traded, or they can use one of the preset layers to customize the looks of the cards.

With this approach, Superhero will get user generated designs, artist can join into AE and Superhero.com, and earn for what they create. Others can spend a little bit of AE on nice designs, to make there cards more pretty, exclusive and desirable.

All Aeternity related data could go into cards, a few examples of possible Superhero cards:

Superhero AE wallet card

  • AE Balance
  • AE transactions
  • AE Price  
  • Descriptive text box
  • Data text box
  • Wallet icon

Superhero Oracle cards

  • Oracle data (for example temperature)
  • Oracle AE address
  • Descriptive text box
  • Data text box
  • Oracle icon

Superhero Mining cards

  • Mining speed
  • Power usage
  • Electric cost
  • Pool information
  • Descriptive text box
  • Data text box
  • Hardware icon

Superhero Hackathon cards

  • Announce the hackathon
  • Shows how many have joined
  • Shows the duration
  • Shows the remaining time  
  • Shows the price money
  • Descriptive text box
  • The card become yours, after the hackathon

Several mockups have been made to further explorer and visualize the Superhero cards to get a better idea of how they could look and function.

Because of the cards being compiled from 4 layers it is also possible to do some really nice effects with them, that have the same feel to it as holographic trading cards.

The made Superhero Cards with 3D Holo effect:

Draegon - Oracle card

Draegon - AE Wallet card

Robotae - AE 2miner card

Aemerika - AE 2miner card

Blueshaedow - AE / Duino coin miner card

Unic0rn - Akshwani Haeck card

With the above described new features for Superhero.com and the stand alone IoT prototype device that includes the first steps towards miniature mining of AE coins we hope to further expand the AEternity community, and ecosystem.

I had a lot of fun creating it and i would be more than happy to be able to continue on one of them or all, and if possible in close cooperation with the AEternity team or with a small team underneath the AEternity team.

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