What's a party without light and sound?

When reading about the Bitcoin Cash Coinparty and it's prices i found out that there is also a party animal price for "Whoever brings the most fun to the party", and thought it would be a nice opportunity to make my project: Blinkit compatible with Bitcoin Cash because it can bring important aspects of a party to the Coinparty and Bitcoin Cash blockchain!

What it does

With Blinkit you can get notified with sound and light about Bitcoin Cash related blockchain actions, use it in combination with Bitcoin Cash dapps, wallets and exchanges.

Blinkit v4.2 for Bitcoin Cash currently has the following functions:


  • Blink on BCH wallet balance changes  
  • Blink on SLP wallet balance changes  
  • Blink on BCH price changes  
  • Blink on BCH price above the set alert  
  • Blink on BCH price below the set alert  
  • Blink on node status offline  

"Blinkit brings light and sound to the Coinparty, and on each start displays a tech related joke."

Supported Devices

The supported devices that can be blinked are inexpensive and widely available.

USB flash drives Any USB flash drive that have a status LED, independent of its brand or model can be used, most preferable will be a USB stick with a bright LED and a small form factor.

Keyboard lights Most keyboards and laptops have a num, scroll, and caps lock LED status lights, Blinkit can blink them when blockchain actions are detected independent of brand and model.

Smarthome devices (Tasmota) Over 2000 inexpensive devices like WIFI lightbulbs, power switches, LED strips and even RGB lightbulbs can be used to blink on and off when newly detected Bitcoin Cash blockchain actions are detected. (Supported smarthome devices must run the popular opensource Tasmota firmware.

A list of compatible smart home devices can be found here: )

"It's possible you have one of the supported devices already at home, and it can be recycled / upcycled with the use of Blinkit, to give them a crypto purpose!""

How I built it

Blinkit is made with a combination of batch scripts for the back-end and HTML and CSS in a HTA application for the front-end, It's opensource and this approach ensures that all files can be edited without being depended on a SDK or 3rd party software, and they are not compiled. Just a simple text editor is enough to start tweaking it, all code is commented, share your tweaks in the Blinkit Discord chat, so they can be reviewed and implemented.

Blinkit uses the Bitcoin Cash API from to get the latest data from the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, the used documentation:

The default API node is set to:

Latest BCH price data is coming from the Coingecko API:

Challenges I ran into

The time was a real challenge, if i had around a week more it would have resulted in more functions and better documentation and overall be more finished. it was a real race to the finish line.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To have Blinkit connect with Bitcoin Cash and get everything done and ready within the set time, and too not give up, because of the time presure.

What I learned

Before the Coinparty Hackathon i was not familiar with the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain, now i have learned about the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain, it's services and ecosystem and Simple ledger protocol.

What's next for Blinkit

A lot of possibilities, beside adding more functions and make it compatible with more device i would also like to look into making it multiplatform and make it where it have themed plugins for use cases like for example for a specific BCH dapp, or the use at a  Bitcoin Cash POS (point of sales) systems.

Several things are possible from small to big, and i'm willing to talk about further cooperation and possibilities.

Visit the Blinkit website if you want to know more about the project.

The party not stops here, you can continue the party!

Download the latest version of Blinkit and start to blink the lights in your house on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain actions!

Blinkit 4.2 for Bitcoin Cash


Blinkit website


Blinkit SLP Address:


Blinkit BCH Address:


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posted an update

  • Blinkit program is uploaded to Github
  • Article graphics are made and added
  • Blinkit for Bitcoin Cash is added to the Blinkit website
  • Youtube video introduction / presentation of Blinkit is added to the Devpost article

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posted an update

Coinparty hackathon started!

Started to look into the Bitcoin Cash developer documentation, to see how Blinkit can connect with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, Started to look into the Bitcoin Cash community and ecosystem.

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