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Blinkit goals are to notify you with light and sound when blockchain action are detected. The supported devices that can be blinked are widely available and preferable inexpensive. The project is opensource and there is a big chance you already have a supported device at home that you can upcycle and give a crypto purpose with the use of Blinkit!

Blinkit is available for multiple blockchains and started in 2018, each version has functions specifically developed for that blockchain. The development of Blinkit comes forward out of the passion for devices, blockchains, technology and to make them interact and connect.

Blinkit v4.0 For Harmony

With Blinkit for Harmony you can get notified of new ONE transfers to your or someone's wallet, set price alert notifications to get reminded to trade at specific ONE price points, and other functions that can help you to get notified to interact with the Harmony blockchain, it's users, dapps, exchanges and other projects that interact with Harmony.


Blinkit v4.0 for Harmony have the following functions:

  • Blink on ONE wallet balance changes, use it in combination with exchanges, dapps, or any transaction or wallet.
  • Blink on ONE price changes, when the ONE price goes up / down do a blink and sound action for the selected device.
  • Blink on ONE price alerts, (above or below a set price alert) reminds you with sound and light to buy or sell ONE when a specific price point is reached.
  • Blink on node status offline, when the set node is offline blink the selected device, when online stop blinking.
  • Blink on epoch, when the epoch time is finished the selected device will blink.


  • Wallet address, set your or any wallet address that you want to use and get notified about.
  • USB drive, if you selected "USB drive" as device, you can set it here to your USB drive letter.
  • Device IP, if you selected Smarthome devices, you can use this setting to set the IP address of the smart home device.
  • Light blink length, change this number to make the light blink longer or shorter.
  • ONE price alert, change this to the price you want to get notified on when it reaches this price point.
  • Harmony Node, optionally the Harmony node that Blinkit uses to connect with the Harmony blockchain can be changed. On the Blinkit website are some alternative nodes listed on a world map that can be used.

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Supported devices:

USB flash drives Any USB flash drive that have a status LED, independent of its brand or model can be used, most preferable will be a USB stick with a bright LED and a small form factor.

Keyboard lights Most keyboards and laptops have a num, scroll, and caps lock LED status lights, Blinkit can blink them when blockchain actions are detected independent of brand and model.

Smarthome devices (Tasmota) Over 2000 inexpensive devices like wireless lightbulbs, power switches, LED strips and even RGB lightbulbs can be used to blink on and off when newly detected Harmony blockchain actions are detected. (Supported smarthome devices must run the popular opensource Tasmota firmware.

A list of compatible smart home devices can be found here: https://templates.blakadder.com/all.html )

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How is it build?

Blinkit is made with a combination of batch scripts for the back-end and HTML and CSS in a HTA application for the front-end. It's opensource and this approach ensures that all files can be edited without being depended on a SDK or 3rd party software or being compiled. Just a simple text editor is enough to start tweaking it, all code is commented, share your tweaks in the Blinkit Discord chat, so they can be reviewed and implemented.

Blinkit uses the Harmony API to get the latest data from the Harmony blockchain, the used documentation: https://api.hmny.io/

The default API node is set to: https://api.s0.t.hmny.io

Latest ONE price data is coming from the Coingecko API: https://www.coingecko.com/en/api

What's next for Blinkit

More devices will be made compatible, and more functions will be added and beside that, Harmony branded USB flash drive prototypes are in development to explore the possibilities with a dedicated branded device, besides this prototype other options, solutions, and devices are explored and considered as well.

If Blinkit wins one of the Harmony Hackathon prices, It could very well be that there will be a giveaway where you can win a Harmony branded, Blinkit compatible prototype device, depending on several factors it can even result in a mass produced Harmony device, and a multiplatform version of Blinkit.

Harmony branded USB flash drive prototype

Below are images of the made mockups, and a first prototype device to explorer its possibilities and functionalities of a Harmony branded device.

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"Blinkit brings Harmony to your devices"

For more information visit the Binkit website: https://techtek.github.io/Blinkit

Or if you want to get in contact, Discord chat: https://discord.gg/hnDfwbc

Blinkit on Gihub: https://github.com/techtek/Blinkit/

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