bitmatch is a team forming app for hackathons. After registering via a Github account and entering skills, desired skills, and, if applicable, an idea, users are presented with the profiles of potential teammates and collaborators. If the user likes the suggestion, he can swipe right and accept the potential partner; otherwise, he can swipe left and dismiss the suggestion. If both parties accept each other, we connect them via the in-app chat, and they can take things from there.

On the back end, we are using various indicators of partner compatibility including skill level, project idea similarity if given, and ranking optimal partners to produce the best results via an augmented Gale-Shapely algorithm.

We're handling the OAuth connection to Github, and keeping track of all possible matches using the Parse platform. In addition, we are using the Hacker League API and Google Places API to get information about planned hackathons, like identifying which hackathons are closest to the user.

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