New forms of currency require a new form of financial education. To a new user, Bitcoin can seem overly technical, and even downright hostile. We wanted to build a platform to provide a safe environment for new users to get up to speed on the ins and outs of Bitcoin.

What it does

Bitcoin Academy provides interactive lessons on everything from using Coinbase, to upgrading your security. Through easily digestible lessons, we want to put guardrails on different Bitcoin processes, providing more educational context around what experienced Bitcoiners might take for granted (e.g. public addresses).

How I built it

We built our frontend in Ember.js after our talented developers put together some beautiful mocks. Countless coffees later, we had our prototype platform.

Challenges I ran into

Coinbase was being very uncooperative, disabling API keys. Styling also proved to be an issue at times, but we persevered.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are so proud to stand behind a platform with the goal of helping new users. We could all stand to learn more about Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Academy is just the place to do it.

What I learned

I think we all learned new things about Bitcoin, as we had to build out an actual lesson to demo! We learned how to use Ember and interact with Coinbase API's.

What's next for Bitcoin Academy

Bitcoin Academy is going to be another arm of the Bitcoin Institute of Technology educational platform. It will be another way to practice your Bitcoin skills in a friendly, safe environment.

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