During the pandemic, students like myself and my classmates were feeling demotivated. Fortunately, at the beginning of this year, my biology teacher gave me many resources which I explored! The more I research, the more interested and motivated I became! I was able to put my newly acquired biology knowledge to the test by teaching my friends and participating in various competitions.

My classmates were captivated to do the same, but didn't know where to start! I was inspired to build an app that would quiz them on various biology questions so they can begin researching new topics and questions! I shared my project with my classmates and got amazing feedback!

"EESHA THIS IS SO COOLLLLL. do you think you're going to add other subjects aside from science to it? THE DESIGN IS AWESOME."

"THIS IS AWESOME. Ooh interesting, a repository of various biological information."

This inspired me to add even more features and implement gamification through the use of coins to help my peers and I become brighter for the future!

What it does

BioMatrix is an IOS app that quizzes users on various biology questions! Users can answer questions in various time limits and gain or lose coins based on whether they answered the question correctly or incorrectly. They can also star topics/questions they would like to research! Coins they earn throughout the game can be used to buy cool app themes! This game will inspire the next generation to expand their knowledge through curiosity!

How I built it

I first designed each screen in the app using Adobe Illustrator. Afterward, on the XCode platform, I used multiple languages, the most prominent being Swift & SwiftUI, to code my app! I implemented:

  • Local database
  • Reading from csv files
  • @State variables
  • Launch screen
  • Much more! This all made BioMatrix possible! Finally, I used Adobe Premiere Pro to create a professional video!

Challenges I ran into

Throughout my time of building this app, I ran into two major issues.

BioMatrix is my second IOS app, the first being used to play around with the XCode environment, so understanding how to start was challenging. However, after watching many tutorials and reading many articles online, I was able to learn a lot of skills and create BioMatrix!

I also ran into the difficulty of posting BioMatrix onto the app store because it costs around $100 per year. Since I do not have an income, I found an alternative of creating a walkthrough demonstration video!

Overcoming these challenging and persevering allowed me to create BioMatrix, an app that is helping students become interested in the field of science to prepare them for bright futures!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I was able to learn how to build a complete functional IOS app during a short period of time through BioMatrix. Another awesome accomplishment was being able to successfully motivate my peers to begin steps towards future scientists!

What I learned

I have learned how to effectively use Adobe to create professional apps and videos. I also learned how to program in Swift and SwiftUI to create a sophisticated, user-friendly application. Along the way, I advanced my biology knowledge as well!

What's next for BioMatrix

I have many plans for BioMatrix going forward!

  • Implement more topics instead of just Biology
  • Read from txt files with questions instead of csv
  • Integrate more app themes & more merchandise for coins
  • Add accounts using Firebase & other methods
  • Use react-native to create one project for both Android and IOS users
  • Publish BioMatrix onto the app store

I'm glad that BioMatrix is able to make an immense impact, and I can't wait to see what it can do in the future!

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