1) We have taken only CS 302- Introduction to Programming

2) Coming into workshop we had just heard that IoT is going to be the future in Computer Science.We had just heard and read a little about the Arduino and Microsoft Azure. We had never heard of the SparkCore and the various sensors. We had never used any of these earlier.

What it does

3)The Bike-Anti Theft System is a low-cost efficient way of tracking a bike after the owner parks it. The owner sets the location of where he parked his bike using the GPS system on a smart Phone and sends it to the cloud (Azure). The Arduino which has a GPS shield mounted on top of it extracts the current location of the bike and sends it to the Spark Core. The Spark Core then sends the data to the Azure Database where the two sets of coordinates are compared. If there is a difference in the set of coordinates then push notifications are sent from Azure to the user on his smartphone showing him the real time location of his bike.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

4) Since we had not used any of the devices and softwares earlier we ran into a lot of blocks. We spent a lot of time on reading the available Documentation of the Arduino which helped in serial communication with the SparkCore.Connecting the SparkCore to the network was also a tough task which we finally overcome by using CoolTerm. We read a lot of blogs which helped us to a great extent.Reading documentation regarding Microsoft Azure helped us to get familiar with database table and event Hubs. We Googled a lot and managed to find some way out. Further, help from Katie and Mitch helped us to get this far in the project.

5) Serial Communication, Azure, Web Hooks, making full circuits, Android Application, GPS shield, dealing with JSON files.

6) The hardest thing I leaned was to do Serial Communication between the Arduino and the SparkCore. It was a very difficult task as getting data to transfer real time from one place to another is tough and also programming on azure.

7) Working in a team is always helpful as we supported each other to get this far. There was a lot of learning involved from each other and I believe it increased my team work skills. We learnt how to efficiently manage different tasks of our project and understand each other better. We learnt compartmentalization which allowed our team to focus on different things at the same time and efficiently manage the project.

8) If we are provided with the kits we have a lot of ideas in mind. We would like to make a sensor which can distinguish between a Skittle and an M&M. We would like to design a bus-tracking system for small children in our country due to the large number of malpractices in terms of Rape etc. We would like to design a proximity sensor. Using other Hardware we would also like to develop a moving hand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Bike Anti-Theft System

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