Continuation of a failed project from HackKings (failed npm build in the last hour).

HackKings Developers

  • Jordan Mackie
  • Sam Larsen-Disney
  • Tom Godfrey
  • Jonathan Mounty

Local Hack Day Developers

  • Sam Larsen-Disney
  • Tamas Kormendi
  • Jonathan Mounty


We all know how difficult it is to discover different music when out and about, so why not link your tunes to where you travel? This site will play music on your Spotify Premium account based on the roads and locations you visit while you move around!

What it does

The app determines your location based on your GPS or coarse location (mobile network, wifi etc.), and passes this into an algorithm which uses a mapping API to find nearby place names. It then searches the Spotify API for songs with these names and plays them automatically.

How we built it

This app was a challenge to build, using JavaScript, a Node JS server and the MapBox API.

Challenges we ran into

  • 12 hours trying to get the Spotify API to work at HackKings
  • 6 hours trying to get the Spotify API (authentication) to work at Local Hack Day
  • NPM breaking an hour before the final at HackKings

What we learned

  • Two team members with no experience of web dev
  • Spotify API is horrible
  • Don't screw with NPM
  • Jonny gets annoying after 6 hours maximum

What's next for BeatStreet

  • Adding an option to choose from a list of songs in your location if you don't like the default selection
  • Adding the ability to add music 'Hubs' (like Snapchat filters), having a limited range with specific tracks/playlists being played.
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