We set out to make a fun game that allows the player to choose their own music to create the level. We took great inspiration from dynamically generated games such as Audiosurf and Rayman Legends

The game will provide the player the option to choose from a variety of sound libraries such as your phones library, Youtube and Spotify. After choosing the song the user wishes to play to the game will automatically generate a platform based level based on the sound analysis of the music and let them play to it and compete for a best score against their friends. In game bonus challenges include choosing a difficult high pace song and collecting bonus gems that appear throughout the level.

Analyzing a song is extremely difficult and ate most of one of our team members time on the project. procedural generating the level to decrease the memory cost and reusing assets was a very important goal for us to allow weaker phones to be able to play the game. applying the analysis of the song to provide the user a great user experience and let them feel they are playing to the beat of their song proved very difficult.

We have managed to create a game that feels very complete - the game has everything the player needs from the main menu and the different in game screens and options. The game has a great learning curve allowing the player to have fun while learning the game without tiring tutorials and a feel of getting further with every try. We tested our capabilities and knowledge in programming, game design and art and we feel we learned a lot from the creation of this game.

Making sure the scope of the project fits the amount of time is very important, we took a task that was greater than what we thought it would be and paid for it by removing many of the additional functionality we wanted to have in the game. We learned a lot about sound analysis and the different methods to get data from music. We learned a lot about memory management and creating a game while instantiating a minimal amount of assets.

We want to make an even better user experience and connect the game fully to Youtube and Spotify together with creating a google play leader board. In addition we want to add new skins and vanity for the character along with more obstacles, new weapons and environments that will provide an even more exciting and addictive gaming experience.

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