We wanted to do something with a guitar controller that was not strictly related to rhythm games, so we explored different ways we could use the controller, such as in a combo-based fighting game or a turn-based battle system. After some brainstorming, we decided on creating a battle system that incorporates rhythm elements and could be used in the context of an RPG like Final Fantasy if we decide to expand it into a full-blown RPG.

What it does

Battle of the Bards is a turned-based card battle rhythm game, where you control a party of 3 characters to defeat a boss through music. The player and the enemy take turns attacking, and on the player's turn, the player may choose which spell to cast. Each character, warrior, mage, and healer, have their own deck of cards with related spells to their class such as attacking or healing. The card that the character can use is random, and a new random card comes in after a card is used. When the player chooses a card, a rhythm sequence starts up, and the player needs to enter in the sequence of notes as they come down the screen by using a guitar controller or the keyboard (with numbers keys 1-5 and enter key). The goal of the game is to defeat the enemy and not die.

How we built it

We built Battle of the Bards with Unity, Paint Tool Sai, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge was the need to go back and refine art designs. In a group, it's not just about what one person wants, but the artist also needs to consider the critiques of the other team members and refine the designs. Debugging was also an issue. Another challenge was that we only had one guitar controller, which made it difficult for multiple people to test the gameplay at once.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we managed to create a playable game in the short 24 hours that we were given, and we are happy that it looks quite nice as well since we had multiple artists.

What we learned

On the artists' side, we learned more about the capabilities and limitations of Unity in order to work better with a Unity project. We learned more about the necessary composition and color of various elements of the game so that it looks fine when finally put together in Unity.

On the programmers' side, we learned more about sound, sound effects, animations, and particle effects in Unity. We also learned more about the art that goes into video games by working with the artists.

What's next for Battle of the Bards

If we are to take this game to the next level, we would add more enemies, more spell cards, different difficulty levels, music rhythm sequences that make more sense and sound better, more complexity in the battle system, and RPG elements where there is a world to explore and development for the characters and gameplay.

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