Inspired by the success of ridesharing and needing to know where the bathroom is at this hackathon, as well as the existence of NYC open data on public bathroom locations

What it does

It helps you locate the nearest bathroom, and tells you information about it like how clean it is, whether there are pads/tampons available, if it is gender neutral, if it has a handicapped stall, etc.

How we built it

Built using Node.js, Express, MongoDB and the Google Maps API. Illustrator was used to design all of our images

Challenges we ran into

Usage of Google Maps

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning the Google Maps API Learning a lot about Google Cloud Platform, though we did not implement it fully Over half the team were first time hackers

What we learned

Using Google Maps API, Google Cloud, Git, Team building, Cooperation

What's next for BathZoom

We made our project open source so hopefully we will get more people to help us with it. We also want to improve user experience of those who visit our site

To run

```npm install npm start

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