Within our local area we observed two key issues we wanted to address and raise awareness on, through the creation of a user friendly mobile application:

  • Lack of Community Engagement and Connections
  • Absent sense of Community and Belonging

What it does

A platform (web/mobile) for sharing audio stories via map and location. Learn stories and history of buildings and places near you.

How we built it

Flutter, Framer X, Firebase Design through Adobe Illustrator CC and Sketch.

Challenges we ran into

Diversity - Fostering a community around diversity showing that everyone’s story is unique and should be valued
Accessibility - A sound-based social media platform in an age of increasingly visual-centric media. Accessible by the blind and hard of vision.
Inclusive - Including older generations to be able to share their stories and histories with the places around them the blind and hard of vision.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is all our very first hackathon!

What we learned

1) If you're only going to be presenting for 2 minutes, don't have a 30 slide Powerpoint.
2) Use languages we know

What's next for Bard

  1. Finalizing the current app
  2. Soft launching in Vancouver
  3. Getting feedback and adding features
  4. Official launch in Vancouver
  5. Expand in Lower Mainland
  6. Expand to big Canadian cities such as Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and more
  7. Expanding our outreach beyond Canadian borders, and developing Bard communities across the globe.

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