We were going to implement Plasma Prime but after the conversation with Vitalik and Karl turn our work to Plasma Cashflow, improved via zk-SNARKS.

What have we done here?

  1. Plasma cashflow, based on specs https://hackmd.io/DgzmJIRjSzCYvl4lUjZXNQ?view and https://ethresear.ch/t/plasma-prime-design-proposal/4222
  2. History voids compression on zkSNARK

Overview more about voids and history reduction here: https://ethresear.ch/t/plasma-prime-design-proposal/4222 https://ethresear.ch/t/short-s-nt-ark-exclusion-proofs-for-plasma/4438

Main goals for this prototype:

We are going to show plasma spec without lacks of MoreVP, Cash or RSA accumulators. We think, potentially fully s[nt]ark-driven plasma is better. But this construction is closer to production usage because we use the very simple circuit to exclude voids from the history. It is enough to use only hash functions and Merkle proofs, without any signatures or transaction processing.

What can you see here:

  1. SNARK, compressing the voids. For production, usage needs to implement Pedersen hash on bellman or libsnark (or replace SNARS to STARKS).
  2. prototypes of some kinds of challenges. We do not focus all our attention on challenges, because plasma cash-specific challenges are a solved problem and no novelty here.
  3. we implement SumMerkleTree on solidity, golang, python, zokrates, covered by tests
  4. Also, you can see the plasma with separate components: root node, thick and thin client, contracts and the snark.

Relevant works of our team

Snarks stats

Relevant publications wrote by our teammate snjax:

  1. Plasma Prime Design Proposal

  2. Short RSA exclusion proofs for plasma

  3. Hash Game

  4. Short S[NT]ARK exclusion proofs for Plasma

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