We strongly believe that problem with transferring data to chain is important. There is no way to do it fast, effective, secure and with trust to oracle. So we decided to use zk-Snarks for it.

What it does

It allows to send data stats to Ethereum (median of USD/ETH as example). We can do it with trust to oracle and more cost efficient than classic oracles

How we built it

Sleepless nights, great team of freinds who are working together for a long amount of time.

We have on-chain and off-chain part of solution. More about it you can find in our repo.

Challenges we ran into

Validation zk-Snarks inputs. Making all works together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we did it! :)

What we learned

How to work with SNARKS and it’s possibilities

What's next for Snarks Stats

Open-source production ready solution for oracles with a significant amount of inputs with new SNARKS and great UI/UX

Contract address

Small presentation about it

Here link

Bot demo

Here link We have a bot which demonstrates how to push data with snarks @votesnarkbot in Telegram!

Video demo

Here link

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