Lots of commuters share the same path every day. Public transit takes advantage of this to get people where they're going cheaply, even if it's not the most convenient.

Cars and taxis also share these routes. What if we could combine commuters into a single vehicle—like public transit, but in a more convenient way?

Bandwagon does just this. It's an app and a website you can use to book a taxi in advance—to the airport, out of town, anywhere—and find others who want to share it with you. It can come in hardware form too: a kiosk that sits at the taxi stand at the airport, convention center, or sporting event, allowing strangers to connect with each other in real time and share their rides home.

The OpenXC platform would enable Bandwagon to further monitor and minimize overall fuel consumption and carbon emissions of vehicles in its operating fleet—fore-fronting this information for our energy conscious customers.

We're focusing on airports for now because that's where we see the greatest need: people who want to economize on travel to and from some of the most remote and hard-to-get-to places in our cities.

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