For many weeks several million people are in home office to slow down the spreading of COVID-19 and avoid our medical system to collapse. COVID-19 is not only a question about life and death, it’s also about the functioning of our economy and our mental and social well-being.

By moving our workplace from the offices to our homes, the boundary between work and life vanished. This can lead to long and lonely working hours and imbalanced life styles.

We had to stop hobbies and social interactions, throwing us into a new life situation. Many people struggle to structure their day and stay motivated. By the end of the day we feel mentally drained, physically exhausted and socially isolated.

What it does

We created a platform that can help structuring a work day effectively, provide suggestions what to do during breaks and free time and display a work-life balance score.

With Balancever you can generate a structure for your day, boost your efficiency and avoid long working hours.You can select diverse activities for your break and free time. Every users can also suggets ideas and share with their collegues and friends.

Find your online Yoga class, connect with friends for a coffee or browse through fun events. Balancever is a one-stop shop that helps you to shape your new remote lifestyle. Stay home, stay healthy, stay energized, stay connected, stay balanced.

How I built it

Design Thinking, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Android Studio, Flutter, Firebase and Github

Challenges I ran into

Creating a solution for people that works in remote mode. The solution’s impact to the crisis is creating more connections where there is social distance, the product helps against the stress at home, help the economic system

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creation of a platform customized for desktop and mobile, with a engaging user experience. Integration of apps needed for wellbeing and events/activities.

What I learned

To transform remote working in smart working, you need to think about human well-being.

What's next for Balancever

After build it we have to populate it, create the content, be in contact with the online content creators (and we help the economic system at the end) and provide a product that can be improved by every stakeholders. Live video share events for peer to peer connect, sleep monitoring.

The value of our solution after the crisis

It's a product that you can always use, because help you to be in balance, working at home, working in the office. It's helpful for companies that will have employee more relaxed, more productive and in balance, for every workers, for everyone.

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Mobile Platform User Experience

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posted an update

I'm the product lead of Balancever.I've architected the MVP with my team consisting of Abdulla Mohamed, Pratik Bidada, and Reek Majumder. Our first offering will be on the Android Platform. I'm proud of my team who have worked on this MVP and pivoted the product offerings based market needs.

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