Elderly pilgrims and those with special needs usually face a big challenge in performing Hajj rituals due to their disabilities and language barriers. Our project is a self-explanatory app to help them communicate effectively and have less challenging hajj.

Components for this project

  • App.
  • Tablet with phone functionality and active accessibility settings
  • Website for branding and future development.

Name of project:

Hajj on Wheels


Safely serve the elderly on a deeper level.

Problems of Hajj Now:

  • A major problem is, elders don't understand instructions/information from authorities due to knowing different languages.
  • Hard to get a wheelchair when needed.
  • Unlawful Mutawwef/helper taking advantage of helpless pilgrims by ripping them off by charging them high costs.
  • The disabled facilities are unclear.
  • Many elderly pilgrims don't know they can request someone to throw pebbles on their behalf if they aren't able to.

Solutions to Problems of Hajj:

  • Using images/icons without text to instruct and guide the elderly
  • Prevent pilgrims from getting lost.
  • Request a wheelchair when needed, especially for emergency.
  • Contact health care for emergencies.
  • Emergency SOS message sent to 911 with a click of one button
  • Motivate young volunteers to be involved in the community.
  • Prevent the unlawful Mutawwef/helper taking advantage of helpless pilgrims by charging them high costs and getting ripped off.
  • Having a feature that allows pilgrim to request someone to throw pebbles for them.

What Our Project Aims to do:

  • Guide elderly and special needs pilgrim to accessible facilities in Haram, Mina and Arafat including entrance, bathrooms, Tawaf area, hotels with accessibility features, and all paths using interactive and image maps.
  • Help them ask for a wheelchair or a Mutawwef/helper when in need.
  • Using images to instruct them and explain the do's and dont's and other important tips related to safety and security.
  • Using interactive and image maps will prevent Pilgrims from getting lost.

How we built it

  • We used an open source content management system called Joomla.
  • Photoshop and illustrator to design icons and guides.
  • Tracing a special map for special needs pilgrims with and adding accessible places like toilets, road, way to haram, hospitals and health care centers.
  • Android Studio will be used to develop the app

Settings for Tablet:

Activate a tablet with phone that has different settings to make it senior-friendly. These include using lunching the timeout on the screen, brightness, touch sensitivity, use of an ‘Easy Mode’ launcher, Deactivate unnecessary keyboard settings, Increase the font sizes, Minimize applications on Home Screen


  • Giving an opportunity for young people to serve the Muslim elderly community by using technology in a managed and organized way.
  • Motivate elderly to perform hajj without worrying about hajj and this will help to achieve their dream to perform hajj safely, therefore, this will match the government vision 2030 to raise the number to 6 millions pilgrims for hajj.
  • It saves lives and spreads awareness of Ramee Al Jamarat permissions, this eliminates crowds.
  • Less pilgrims will get lost.
  • It will help doctors and nurses pilgrims to offer help/volunteer to this organized group.

Challenges we ran into

  • Couldn't find a graphic designer when making the team
  • Draw the map since it needs time to make it perfect
  • Translating text guides into icons in a way that represents all the important details
  • Figuring out how to find a suitable icon that fit the needs
  • Finding maps showing accessibility locations for Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Working as a team, coming from different nationalities and backgrounds with one goal in mind, to get the job done.
  • Transforming our ideas from dreams to reality.

What we learned

  • Learning new skills in ideas, development, design and management while working under pressure.
  • Time Management
  • How to draw on a map
  • Teamwork is the way to success!

What's next for B-035-Hajj on Wheels

  • Adding Tracking System at Wheelchair
  • Make registration system for volunteers and for volunteers to throw in Ramee Al Jamarat
  • Ratings
  • Using Augmented Reality for posters and guides
  • Make a reservation and payment gateway
  • Find a way to spread knowledge about assigning a pilgrim to throw pebbles on the behalf of the elderly.
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