ABOUT THE CHOSEN NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION I chose Loucos por Bichos (Crazy about Pets) because it was through them that I adopted Tofu, my cat. They seem to take very good care of the animals they rescue, and the pets are all vaccinated, castrated and well fed. Tofu has always been very healthy. :D

HOW LONG DID THE ASSIGNMENT TAKE? I estimate 2 hours for the wireframes, the entire Saturday for the visual layout and the entire Sunday for the HTML/CSS prototype.

DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING NEW IN THE PROCESS? Yes, I learned some different CSS properties. CSS has so many possibilities and combinations that everytime I work on the styles of a project, I learn a bunch of new stuff.

WHAT WAS THE HARDEST PART? Creating the header for the layout, because it’s the first thing the user see. It has to be beautiful and informative. Also, creating the prototype has been a race against the clock. O.O

IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND GIVE YOURSELF ADVICE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE PROJECT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Probably to sleep less hours! Even though I slept about 3 hours per night.

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