The challenge proposed by AxiomZen to Designers was to create a Landing Page for a non-profit organization of your choice.

I was decided to use the Adoption Concil of Canada, but I had the idea of representing my country. and then I designed a page for the Adoption Concil of Brazil, even if it doesn't exist at all.

I used my skills in Adobe Illustrator and Web Design to create a logo that could bring the colors of the country's flag (green and yellow mainly). and I tried to define a strong brand identity by using the colors of the logo on the page.

the kicker: I focused on visual design for the project. Then I designed a Logo and tried to base the page design in the logo created.


1. How long did the assignment take? A: 30 hours.

2. Did you learn anything new in the process? A: Yes. I realized that there were a lot of things I should consider while in the process of creation. I learned to focus on a consistence design. I mean, don't put random colors or elements unlinked. Creating the landing page I also learned that in a web page, the most important content should come first.

3. What was the hardest part?  A: for me, the whole process were hard. but I have difficulty in applying colors in design.

4. If you could go back and give yourself advice at the beginning of the project, what would it  be? A: start doing now! (haha). actually, I got a different challenge on hackathon, but I couldn't finish it on time. then I changed to the AxiomZen's one. and I had a good development process. I think if I had taken it at the first time, I could do something better,

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