What it does ,The robot works without being controlled by a human operator. It covers the ground just by getting its bearings and positioning itself with the help of its camera and GPS, Its system of vision enables it to follow crop rows, and to detect the presence and position of weeds in and between the rows delta arm then apply a micro dose of herbicide ,targeting the weeds that have been detected, Machine can be completely controlled by operating system or by means of Smartphone app.

How I built it , we didn't build it yet but we want to .

Challenges I ran into , Is to collect enough information about the project such as: sensors and actuators.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned, software that will be used in the project like c programming , python and hardware programming too like avr microcontroller .

What's next for Autonomous killing weed robot , Is to be developed to do another tasks helping agriculture .

Built With

  • avr
  • battery
  • c
  • cmoscamera
  • deltaarm
  • embedded
  • gps
  • gyroscope
  • imageprocesseing
  • lidar
  • python
  • radar
  • servomotor
  • steppermotor
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