Our project is an autonomous vehicle which carries equipment, weapons and supplies and has weapon system controlled by the soldiers’ head motion and eye direction. Vehicle is equipped with latest technology made by our engineers and software developers from all around the - Tbilisi.

The device can be used in both military and police operations making it unique

Core Features:
Carries Heavy and Large-sized items,

Multiple movement modes: Follow the commander, GPS Autopilot, Manual Control mode.

Weapon Aim Modes: Head Motion and eye directing, human tracking,Manual Mode.

Similar Vehicle is MAARS - see on picture:

Movement Modes: Manual Remote Control
Weapon Aim modes: Manual Remote Control
-Camera Vision

*Each Soldier has unique identifier “ID” which is used to identify them by unmanned aerial drones and satellites.

--See the pictures

Our vehicle uses same system in "Human Tracking" mode to identify soldier and take appropriate action.

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