We were inspired by the chance of creating something that might be beneficial to the animals who were the ones that were affected the most in the Australian fires.

What it does

Our website allows you to post the location of a stranded or injured animal, which is then sent to the proper agencies for assistance.

How I built it

Created using Ruby on Rails with some Javascript for the Backend of the site. The front end was coded using HTML and CSS with styling by Bootstrap. Google Maps services were used to display the map on the site, as well as geolocation to provide current location. MySQL was used to manage database.

Challenges I ran into

Javascript and Ruby compatibility issues, some stubborn UI elements.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Geolocation: Being able to locate you and display it was the biggest challenge we faced, but overcame it.

What I learned

Became more familiar with Javascript as well as accessing and using Google Services.

What's next for Aussie Angels

  • Connect and send form with proper agencies, currently forms are pushed to local database.
  • Add option to include an image with your "tracked post", for recognition of household pets.
  • Be able to add more than 1 google map marker at a time.
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