Aurae is an exciting action set piece that puts you in a perilous mission given to you by Aelous the ancient Greek god of the winds. We wanted to literally put you as fragile butterfly into a violent storm in a story created around the idea of chaos theory. That juxtaposition can be experienced first hand as you flutter through a violent storm and yet you have been granted great powers through your manipulation of the wind and lightning attacks and just maybe you'll also go unnoticed as you attempt to seal the hurricane under the nose of the great harpy that guards it! With this game we literally want to take you out of your world, to surround the senses and play with your identity.

"I do not know whether I was a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I was a man" –Chuang Tse

The story will play on this idea and hopefully make you totally accept your new VR reality. You have been taken from your dreaming life and thrust back into this urgent reality, sucked into the heart of a storm. So it's a unique experience, unique story and will hopefully be fun as well.

We expect many challenges as we dive into this new VR medium. 3rd person flying mechanics will be a huge one. Targeting the enemy in dogfights and making it intuitive and enjoyable. We welcome the challenge and believe we are going to create an amazing and engrossing experience that you can just pick up and be thrown into another world for thirty minutes or so.

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