We, members of Palimpsest, have noticed that there are very few applications that really show off all the possibilities of the Moverio BT-200 glasses. And of those few, none of them are really aimed at everyday normal users, that is to say consumer facing. We wanted to tackle that problem and make an application that is really impactful for people in their life. We wanted to make an application that people are just amazed for and are dying to obtain a pair of these glasses so they can witness this experience.

         We decided to make a navigational companion application as this fulfilled all of our goals. This companion would not only lead you from where you are now to where you want to go to, similar to that of a common navigational application, but would also entertain you along the journey. This application would use natural means of communication through gesture and voice in order to communicate with the user, because we strongly believe that over the next few years, the old archaic means of communication (Touch-pad, Keyboard) will start to fade away, and we are delighted that the BT-200 can support the next generation of input technologies. 

          We were actually able to make a rough prototype of this experience, but this is still a bit more polish work we would like to do on this project before putting it on the Moverio App store for people to download\handing it off to Epson. So we were really excited for this challengepost opportunity to get that last little bit of polish that we need to really deliver on our application to amaze the world with the true power of augmented reality glasses. As the GigaOm article mentioned, finally with our application, it feels as though "Epson BT-200 review: augmented reality is getting... somewhere". Thank you.

~Team Palimpsest

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