Data analysis, personality informations.

What it does

Analyses income and outcome phone calls. The application allows uploading data to a remote server and let Watson Developer Cloud services take care of data analysis. After synchronization of at least 100 words, the psychological profile becomes available at

Test account

username:, password: sherlock

How we built it

Magda created graphics and design, Patrick created the Android application and Norbert made the web application and back-end part using Watson Developer Cloud services - Speech To Text to extract audio content and Personality Insights to analyse it.

Challenges we ran into

Talks analysis in the background service on Android and time - we weren't able to ship all the functionalities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We achieved the core functionality. The Android application is working, backend services provide correct analysis and there is a website with profile diagrams available.

What we learned

Using Watson Developer Cloud services. Solving issues by working together.

What's next for Audalize

We want to add Tone Analyzer as soon as possible.

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