To great an overall care package that all levels of government and care providers can use to share and provide care

What it does

Provides health telemetry data management to allow an enhanced quality of life for suffers providing boundaries and freedom of moment. This allows for all involved to have current and timely knowledge of a suffers locations, health status; but, also respecting the privacy of persons who are not in need of confided care.

How I built it

The platform is a combination of different micro services from geo telemetry data that is then in real time examined for personalized safety, calendar and movement based events. This is done by GPS monitoring of timed checkins from the patient done automatically with the ability to monitor greater frequency during an "event"

Challenges I ran into

The scope of the project requires a good steady two weeks of work. Indoor GPS signals can be affected by different receivers exposure while moving within a building affecting accuracy. Such resolution changes from 5 meters outdoors to 30 meters indoors.

GeoIP locations can be off by as much as 1,000 meters and are not practical emergency detailed search and rescue but can provide a general location in some cases. There are cases where the IP is not anywhere near the actual location of the person. Thus locational data should always be with a GPS receiver and only IP data when nothing else is available though IP address can still be used for other things such as part of security of location for example patient is suddenly in China and yet their last location checkin was Toronto fifteen minutes ago.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to help others during the event, loaning out parts, helping someone with a volt meter, etc.

What I learned

Magnetic data from cell phones can be greatly affected by city scape environment by compass was spinning and inverting north / south quite a bit just walking along the peer. The compass being inside the phone. Thus some traditional personal telemetry devices with IMU units would surprising be seriously confused in city settings.

What's next for Athena

More work on the data servicing, breaking up the service into micro services. Creation of an app to allow EMS to find lost or confused persons in medical distress. Also a whole series of apps to assist family and professional services of all types offer co-ordinated care.

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