This project was inspired by our love for Disney movies and the parks. We wanted to create our own unique storyline and incorporate it with gaming and learning. Throughout the pandemic, it has been a continuous struggle for students to learn online. Furthermore, gaming has become very prominent in the industry , as it allows people to connect and have fun whilst social distancing. We wanted our product to be unique, and incorporate elements of traditional Disney storytelling, mathematics, artwork, and the exploration of 3d worlds.

What it does

Join us on this story-based adventure to discover secrets and help solve math problems to restore the power of the city. Not only will you be reading a fully developed story with complex characters and be able to solve math problems, but you will get the opportunity to explore various parts of the Quaternion Realm in 3D.

How we built it

Our game was built with a variety of technologies and platforms. This includes:

  • Unity for game engine
  • Unity Asset Store (for some 3d assets)
  • C # and Visual Studio for programming
  • Canva and Adobe for UX designs
  • Procreate for artwork
  • for domain
  • Google Drive for scriptwriting and planning
  • Web GL and to deploy our game

To collaborate, we used Unity Teams, Canva and Google Drive to share our work

Challenges we ran into

All of us encountered a variety of challenges within the small time frame we were given. Prominent issues included animating the main character, creating the artwork and character designs, and writing an elaborate meaningful script. This was a very difficult project to submit on time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very pleased with our project, in particular the artwork and the refinements of the UX and game design. Those in our group who were skilled in UX and art have not worked with a project as technical, and ones in the group who were skilled in programming have not worked with a project as artistic as this one.

What we learned

How to produce a full game using a variety of platforms and how to incorporate all the elements together.

What's next for Astoria and the Mysterious Realm

We would like to add more 3D scenes into the game and animate the facial expressions on the characters for the 2D section.

Built With

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