Team number: 13

Name: Ask a Code Queen

description of your project:

There are no stupid questions.

Studies show that beginning in middle school, girls tend to quit participating in their science and math education. This continues throughout a woman’s career, with many women reporting the tech field to be an unwelcoming, even hostile environment. Our goal is for Code Queen to be a website message board that is a safe place for anyone to ask a tech question without fear of sounding “stupid.” It will also be a place where women in tech can connect with mentors, grooming noobs for tech careers.

Users will be able to see previously asked questions and answers and, after registering, ask their own questions. Our hope is that these interactions will develop into mentorships.

List of additional features we would add if given more time:

If given more time, we would emphasize mentor support. Users would have descriptive profiles and the opportunity to connect with each other through messaging.

Target audience:

Women in technology of all skill levels.

How each team member contributed:

Elizabeth, Nicole and Michelle worked on design, html and css. Cleri, Jenny, Barbara, Amy and Joy worked on using JavaScript to build the app.

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