Modern Art Orchestra invites you to get infected with Music. Follow this peerless experimental project and explore the essence of music through tracking our social composing process.


I bet you can name melodies that are the symbols of your life's major events, relationships, etc. Art of Virus-melody is a symbol of our common experience of the pandemic. 9 notes were released and spread by the Modern Art Orchestra, Hungary through the internet to composers worldwide, who are challenged to write a short melody from these notes. Phonic Chat platform is the home of the thread of the musical virus. Our challenge is to keep up with the growing community of participants and provide them a user-friendly environment where they can share their contributions in several formats. Our inspiration is to contribute to online social music production. Phonic Chat Platform has been created to collect and nurture virtual fellowship among musicians and engage fans in a new way to the music production process. We think that music is a common experience of Humanity and we bring back this practice with the help of IT and develop its online standards.

What it does

Anything that has happened around the whole world according to covid-19 is very sudden, unusual and out of people’s comfort zone. The ArtOfVirus project helps music artists and composers to release their creative power to interpret this humanity crisis with artistic creativity and as a community. These are the two cornerstones of music’s existence and the major roll in people’s life. Technology enables us to make this virtual community workshop of music composing visible and audible for the audience.

How I built it

It has been bulit upon the basis of the existing Phonic Chat platform within 2 weeks

Challenges I ran into

The tree-structure that evolves from the constantly growing number of the composed pieces of music that has been spread to 10 branch-starting musicians now has grown into 5-6 levels per branch and each doubled. Making this tree-structure is a real challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole system was established within two weeks, and it is able to deal with all the different file formats that composers use. Anyone understood the usage of the admin field very quickly which means that it was designed as simple as it could be. It is good to see all the artist gather on our platform from every corner of the world. There are almost 100 registered musicians/composers from 19 nationalities at our site and they all cooperate with one another.

What I learned

Better in team. Better to develop when people use your system while it is being built. Direct feedback from user experience is like gold.

What's next for Art of Virus

international press recognition further development towards visualizing the whole branching of the tree-system of composers to enable at the different branches to play all of the thread of alterations within one branch

Scale our Phonic Chat platform and get founding for go-to-market

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posted an update

Every Friday there is a Facebook-live on the channel of Modern Art Orchestra to provide information of the current status of AOV. Don't miss out on that! We tell you the time in advance. It's in Hungarian but music does not need any translation. :)

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