I initially came up with the idea for Armoin after sitting down and playing flappy bird. I thought it would be rather fun to make a simple game that dealt with a knight who only could swing his sword and jump. I called it Swingy Knight. Of course that sat for some time until I started to add components and re-imagine the entire piece as being much deeper and overall much more story focused. So when I contacted Ryan Ridley about building the game it suddenly became a reality of building a 2D platformer. However, progress was not accelerated until Hackathon came about and Manny came into the business which was awesome. Mainly the games that inspired me were Journey, Transistor, Flower, and other smaller independent type games that influenced how I approached the 2D platform. Our target user is the person who is only looking for a casual play but that would be willing to take our content seriously enough to have it emotionally effect them hopefully. A lot of games pack a lot of content in large quantities too big to be piecemealed and so they either become a bore or an absolute grind. People are busy and we don't want to impede they're lives so as a result the game is made to be challenging hopefully but fun and also short for easy completion. The best feature we have in the game is our self-made engine that we built to house our assets. It works wonderfully and I love it a lot. They style of the game is also built around a more vectored lower poly but still smooth coloring and simple shading. The main narrative kept a very linear aspect but I'm excited to find out what happens when we implement the sound reflection component to the game. Thanks to everyone for the chance and especially for Manny and Ryan for allowing this to become a reality.

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