Before I directly jump into what the project is all about? I wanna walk you through the story of how I ended up writing this project story.

Hi, I am Mubashir along with my lovely wife Momina, and super-cool team member Saad. Momina and I love to travel across the country as we are passionate about the history, ancient civilizations, and the archeological sites that our country has to offer. Our dream is to explore the world’s history and the story behind such places. We often end up with questions like how things might have been hundreds of years back? We look around for museums and ancient remains. Sometimes we get lucky to find something on “google” and sometimes we don’t. Fast forward -- We came across the posts about this year’s Hackathon, and got really pumped up to participate. The excitement was to solve a problem that is very near to us.

So what is the problem?

It was the start of 2021 when we were in the middle of our road trip and we added Bahawalpur to our list. Reaching this beautiful city, we had no confirmed authentic information about the historical sites that the city has to offer. We were on a short trip, with obvious budget limitations and we found it really difficult to verify pieces of information to plan our trip. This brings us to the problem our project is going to solve.

Pakistan has a lot to offer in archaeological tourism and there is almost zero or outdated information about the archaeological aspects. Think about Egypt? The country is known for its Pyramids. If Egypt can rebrand its tourism based on Pyramids and museums why cant Pakistan connect its tourism with its rich archeology? We have remains of Gandhara Civilization, Indus Valley Civilization to name a few. Similarly, talk about the rich history of the country itself and we can’t find something that helps us re-brand Pakistan’s tourism.

What it does


Tourists with interest in archeology need authentic and centralized information on archaeological sites so that time and resources can be saved.

Our Solution:

Build a platform that not just offers services, builds community but also helps re-branding Pakistan’s tourism to local and international tourists.


Archaeolistan - Connecting Pakistan’s archeology with your tours.

A web platform that helps an archeological enthusiast to figure out what he/she can do touring any Pakistan city. The platform we designed has the vision to build a strong community of people with the same interests and help Pakistan to reposition its tourism.

Value Propositions/Scalability/Growth aspects. Revenue generation model by managing tours Building an archeology-friendly and aware community. Research/Content/newsletters Launching podcasts to kick off the conversations around archeology in Pakistan. Partnerships with public and private sectors.
Sponsored events.
Attracting foreign tourism.

How we built it


We conducted a short survey right after we got selected for the hackathon. The results of which are written in detail and can be found by following the attached link.


Based on that we ran a competitive audit to look up for gaps and opportunities. Luckily, we found a huge market where there is almost no such website will abundance of authentic information exists. Following is the link to competitive audit report.


After that we made a basic site map based on which wireframes and design mockups were made. Then came into action was our third player i.e. Saad Hassan and efficiently developed the deployed the website pages.

Challenges we ran into

Fortunately, there were less or no challenges as faced, but craved for more time so that we could add the responsiveness to the website, add more functional features and more backend work to give the website more life.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We as a team are proud to have done some or little research before starting the project. We take pride in our smooth team work as well. Saad as a person that we just met a couple of days ago really worked hard with us as if we knew him for a long time.

What we learned

What we learned was, anything is possible in any amount of time if we set our hearts to it.

What's next for Archaeolistan

This project is very dear to us. We plan to make it go live by doing more research as to how it can be more viable. We plan to do partnerships with cultural and archaeological departments of the country to make this idea into a reality. We also aim to build strong communities in the cities of Pakistan where people can aware themselves of the treasures of archaeology that we possess. They can be trained to take responsibility to preserve these sites. we have thought of some ideas for sustainability models and plan to work them through in the future.

Overall we loved working on the project the past three days. As the first timers, we plan to enter into the next hackathons as well :)

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