What it does

ARCH aims to provide an internship search program that searches for potential AND achievements. There were two main problems with other, similar programs.

  1. Sites such as LinkedIn or Glassdoor mainly focus on connecting people for jobs as opposed to internships. This means that young adults or students looking to ease into an industry will have a much harder time finding a program that fits them because their search is watered down by the sheer amount of businesses fighting for job recruits.
  2. The few internship search websites that exist strongly prioritize experience in their algorithm. New students hoping to get into an industry have an uphill battle fighting for a spot in an internship program. ARCH solves this. Our search algorithm incorporates an intern’s skills, past projects, achievements, and age into the equation. We call it the “bone meal algorithm,” and it is the solution that sets us apart from the competition.

How we built it

All the work was split up so that each teammate could focus on their respective strong suit and collaborate in the most effective way possible. The wireframe and logo designs were originally done on the Procreate app using the iPad and Apple Pencil. The final iteration of the wireframe was created using Figma, and the logo was done on Adobe Illustrator. The code was developed on a teammate’s local computer using VSC live share. After the final version was finished, all the code was transferred onto a Github repository.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we faced was the time crunch. With less than 42 hours to design and code an entire functioning website, there was a lot of work that needed to be done in such little time. Time management played a huge role in the stress we faced throughout the competition. In addition to that, the limited video time was a problem because of the complexity of the code. It was a lot to explain in just 3 minutes. Finally, we ran into some problems because our code was unorganized. This messiness ended up lengthening a small logic oversight into taking hours of time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the technological standpoint, we’re proud of being able to create a prototype of an idea as difficult as talent-finding. From another standpoint, we’re personally proud that we were the ones who created such a complex, but useful site. The fact that we were able to build it in just three days made us even more proud.

What we learned

Over the hackathon, we have gained some knowledge in the programming world. For example, try tidying up code. It cost our team hours of frustration over just two lines of code.

What's next for ARCH

In the future, we will add a company-type account. This will allow a company search system, where users can request companies to intern there. Also, we will try implementing an in-house chat, so users don’t have to email each other outside of the website. Complementary to the company-type accounts, we will also add an extra step in our algorithm that counts how many times a user rejects a company’s internship offer.

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