The Problem: With rising urbanisation and increasing demand of real estate, deforestation has been rampant and the number of trees are reducing at an alarming rate. As a result, climate has been hit hard, especially in areas with dense population. The consequences of this decrease in trees have been high CO2 Emissions causing an increase in Global Warming.

Proposed Solution:

To counter the problem of decrease in the number of trees due to an imbalance of cutting and planting of trees, Aranyani proposes the following plan:

  • An app that can connect planters and donators
  • If anyone wants to make a donation, they can cover the cost of planting a tree and list their preferences of area
  • The donation is processed to a verified volunteer who will plant a tree in the required area
  • After proper verification of the process, e- certification as a token of appreciation is given to both the volunteer and donators.

Additionally, our app would also connect one to the nearest wood storage facility in case of need of wood. This feature would inform anyone in need of wood with the nearest wood storage facility, it's availability, and the contact details for the same. This would be a huge step forward and would avoid a lot of unnecessary cutting of trees.

Current Scope: In India, as digitalization rises under the Digital India campaign, digital solutions for age old problems have been encouraged by the Honourable PM. We believe that a model like this, at the moment would be an amazing addition to counter the problem of increasing CO2 emissions and would definitely increase the number of trees planted. Additionally, the ease of access and transparency of this model would make it very viable for both donators and planters.

Targeted Audience:

With our solution, we plan to target a wide range of audience that covers almost anyone having a smartphone and willing to make a change for a better living. Anyone who might have the funds to make a difference might lack time to research and plant it in an area worth making a difference while anyone with the time and research might lack funds. Our model targets these people and connects them. When research meets resources, it definitely makes a huge impact!

How would it behave with the changing need and demand, also with the changing tech?

Our research shows that the need to plant trees would only increase due to the deteriorating climatic conditions. Although, the demand to plant trees might shift from one area to other as some areas might get saturated and law of diminishing returns would come into play for those areas. With changing tech, we might have to adapt our model but that would be easier. With an app, it can be accessed by anyone having a smartphone. Additionally, we plan to make a website, which would make our solution cross platform accessible to everyone with internet on any kind of device, which would be a huge boost to adaptability.

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