To begin we had a lot of ideas, we had many scraps and doodles, we as Graphic designers had the idea at the beginning of taking the challenge of Brojour because it was one of the challenges that had a focus in the publicity taking advantage of the new technologies, also trying to get the attention of the Millenials and the x/y generation. So we want to make an application that catch the attention of the Millenials and x/y gen also the oldest generations who are using the technologies.

What it does

It shows the promotions, advertising, and extra information about the company ( through an app for mobile devices (APK or IOS) using a AR image target, and this will show a 3D model of the cruiser, information about the page, the cruise and promotions, plus it will show links to the website and prices.

How we built it

We use differents programs to built this, we use Blender, Unity and asset called Vuforia, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, youtube tutorials and articles on internet about the programs, also a brainstorm and ideas made on paper, wips and doodles.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge we had was we as team didn't knew any of the programs, so it took us more than we thought to learn and understand the programs also, the internet connection at the beginning had some troubles, but the first and biggest challenge was the codes and 3D modeling, we had the idea, we had the concept, but we didn't knew how to put it on the program well, we didn't knew what program was the ideal, we tried many programs and we lost a lot of time searching for the right program, but thanks to the workshops, the attention thanks to the coaches and staff we get on track and we manage to make something to show beside all the challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In these days of this event we learn new programs that will help us in our careers, also we discover that we can learn something from scratch new ways to design, we feel accomplished of what we made even when we didn't knew the basics or the programs.

What we learned

We learn that we can work under pressure and with hard work and a lot of investigation we can make something great, the programs we learn to use will help us in the future to our future projects.

What's next for AR-vertising

It may apply to other hackathon and if we apply we will be more prepared, this was a unique experience and it helped us to get challenges even if you don't know how to, you can always find a way to complete or learn from that challenge.

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