Guys, this project description is unfinished - but will be completed soon :)


In 2006 ago I've created solution that permits me use the "garbage time" for work on my project. What's the "garbage time"? That's the time I spent in a subway, on a bus, etc. For example you cannot use the netbook while you walk. So, I've build the solution using a notebook and a smartphone. I work on a code on a smartphone, then I "in one click" send them via bluetooth to notebook (it sits in my bag, and it is on), my server scripts compile them - and I can test newly built application on my smartphone. That was my first DIY wearable computer.

After that I have become interested in the area of wearable computers and augmented reality. During several years I've purchased a lot of gadgets trying to build my own wearable computer. In 2010 I've found the suitable solution - Nokia N900 as a CPU unit and Eyetop Centra as my head-mounted display. And peripheral devices built on Arduino.

How it works

Wearable computer based on Nokia N900 pocket computer, Eyetop Centra eyewear, DIY hardware and software.

Challenges I ran into

First challenge was to find appropriate hardware for my wearable computer - AR-Go. And make it as convenient form-factor permitting me to use AR-Go outdoor - when I walk, run, riding the bike.

Another challenge was to invent appropriate wearable user interface, and turn UI ideas and concepts into really working hardware and software.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In April 2012 bike navigator created on AR-Go was among finalists at Lenovo DoNetwork contest.

What I learned

I learned a lot what can be suitable and not when you use wearable computer outdoor. I've created AR-Go based training software for skiers (alpha), GPS navigator for bikers (beta version) and a lot of other software for my own purpose, such as prompter that helps me on public speeches etc.

What's next for AR-Go

Now I use Moverio for work on my Android projects. That is the wearable computer that perfectly suits me as a notebook replacement to work on a road. All my software for AR-Go was written and compiled on AR-Go. And the application I wrote for Moverio (you can find it here: ) was written and built on Moverio. Now I am bringing part-by-part that experience I've learned with AR-Go to Moverio. That's exciting!

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