Aquaponics, combined aquarium and hydroponics, with cozy sensors has a strong advantage for many aspects. For example, save food expense, get safe and fresh food, improvement of children’s literacy for environment, communicate with their family, provide fun of hobby, provide opportunity to learn something from their family, and even solve the excessive concentration of urban population predicted in 2050. Among those, we focused on two aspects: help compensate for non-active family communication; educate children for the future. What we could do if we use mesh, cozy sensors and output system which are easy to use together with this?

What it does

Family Biotope could accelerate family communication. Not only it gave us to be relax at home, but also experience to play a role among the family through growing vegetables, feeding fish and recording observation report. It leads to feel to keep natural ecosystem together. It's a good education and communication. As a communication tool, we built an app which was family communication platform using mesh by uploading photo when feeding fish, observation report and recording voices. As a education tool, we created a real-time-update monitor which showed circulation of substances in the aquaponics which is not visible. We also create logging/analyzing system of temperatures and pH of water. It evokes children's curiosity and make chance to ask their family a simple question. It is a good education and communication opportunity for family.

How we built it

We designed our aquaponics with LED, lasercutte, illustrator to evoke children biological and physical cycle in nature, control space atmosphere to become more relax and promote communication. We built our app on lamp environment. We use mesh as sensors/outputs(move tag, camera tag, and dynamic data link to API of IFTTT and IF).

Challenges we ran into

Create a better/new product of aquaponics. Dynamic data link between mesh and existing web-base services. Find the idea for children to evoke the substances circulation of the earth. Build and connect various technologies and contents into one system.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Create new user experience for interactive family communication with latest smart technology

What we learned

New technology for each How to connect physical devices

What's next for Family Biotope

Improve functions of Family biotope. Real-time data update from mesh(fish tracking system to detect the activity rate, physical value etc. ) and connect with animation. Improve UI. Establish business model.

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