It’s well known that parking in London can be a complete nightmare. If you want to find about the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) of a destination you have trawl through different council websites and see if restrictions apply using confusing PDF maps. These websites are badly designed, hard to understand and web based so not at all convenient when you’re out on the street.

To add to the confusion there are lots apps available that only cater for one facet of parking or that cover only one London borough. If you want to pay by phone you have to have four cashless parking apps! You can end up with about eight apps to get a spectrum of parking information.

The answer to all these problems is AppyParking. It’s the first app of its kind to map out every single CPZ in Greater London. That’s over 1600 zones! The zones go green or red depending is restrictions apply. You can even discover free areas to park.

On top of that we’ve been working with all 33 London Boroughs to provide locations for Paid Meters, Car Parks, Disabled, Motorcycle and Electric Charging Bays. Westminster will also be providing real time API so we can show if parking bays are empty or not. AppyParking also lets the driver find the nearest cheapest petrol stations and we’re working with all the major car park providers so drivers can book and pay for parking spaces as well as park on peoples driveways!

By creating and centralising all this data, AppyParking provides an easy to use single hub of authoritative information that allows drivers to make informed choices before they set off on a journey or when they’re about to approach a destination.

The end result allows drivers to spend less time and fuel aimlessly driving around the block trying to find a space. This in turn reduces the impact of stray cars searching for parking spaces in residential areas or no parking zones. AppyParking is fast becoming an essential travel companion that gives drivers peace of mind and ultimately helps reduce traffic flow and congestion.

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